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Excite and engage your audience with sizzle reels. Sizzle reels are designed to capture and captivate your audience and create the excitement around your brand. For Public Relations, brand marketing professionals, or for tradeshow presentations, sizzle reels are sure-fire, rapid, attention getting video presentations that will showcase your signature product.

Mady Multimedia makes it easy to produce sizzle reels. Just provide media and graphic elements, articles and pr buzz or even the product themselves. We will animate, captivate and edit the pieces into an attention grabbing sizzle reel. With our in-house, in-set green screen stage, we can even take the sizzle to the next level, shooting and editing a live action version featuring your product. If you don’t have media, no problem, the crack graphics design and production staff will create it literally from the digital thin air.

  • Engage customers and promote product by transforming press clips and media into an animated, attractive video.
  • Make your presentations shine with sizzle reels.
  • Launch videos for social media efforts.
  • Create a new revenue stream for your firm or agency.
  • Brighten up your tradeshow booth with incredible content showcasing your product.
  • Great for presentations.
  • Create sizzle reels for client demonstrations
  • Sizzle reels are a great way to vocalize your press.


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