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Promotional video is a tried and true way to engage your customers or audience with a captivating and message driven presentation. Mady Multimedia has been producing promotional videos for a variety of Fortune 1000 companies since our early days. We understand that these commonly short, highly energetic video presentations can be used to really inform your customer about a product or service while cutting through the clutter of marketing noise.

Promotional videos, also known as sizzle reels, demo reels, pitch reels or highlight videos, are critical to a client’s message. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, than certainly 30 pictures a second are worth exponentially more. Mady Multimedia is an expert in producing promotional video reels for a variety of clients. Whether you have tons of media assets, pr, product and other elements to showcase, or need a company to create a promotional video from the ground up, Mady Multimedia can do it.

Promotional Videos are great for a variety of presentations

  • Tradeshow or booth video to help attract customers
  • Client Sales videos
  • Web videos
  • For internal communications
  • For internal or external presentations
  • As part of a multimedia driven presentation
  • For use in social media or on a YouTube Channel
  • As a viral video

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